Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toronto Welcomes the Airbus A380

After years of reading articles, watching documentaries about its construction, scouring the web for new photos or tidbits of information, and day-dreaming, the Airbus A380 is finally making regular visits to Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Thank you Emirates!

As silly and ridiculous as it may sound, I delayed a vacation with my INCREDIBLY understanding wife by 2 days to participate in an air-side event to welcome the giant bird for it's maiden landing in Toronto. I have included a few pictures but my camera decided that it would be a good time to malfunction so good shots are limited (yes, you can imagine my frustration).

The good folks at Airport Watch managed to organize and pull off the event that allowed about 60 members of the Airport Watch group to observe the arrival of Emirates EK241, along with about 10 press folks.

Here are a few shots from arrival day (June 1st, 2009). I wish I had more, but my camera had other plans.


  1. I was scheduled to fly on may 15 but I choose to delay my trip & pay penalty of upto $150 to get into A380 innaugual flight from Dubai..I received a certificate aswell :)

  2. Nice! I would have done the same thing for sure. :)